Shades of Green

quality hostas for serious collectors

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     The Hosta Library is a wonderful source of information and has more pictures than I could ever compile here. Please use this resource as I work on adding pictures to this site.
     Backroading Elgin is a great map to help you find your way here as well as helping you to discover many wonderful tourist sites in our own county.
     We encourage you to join the Ontario Hosta Society (OHS) if you love hostas. It's a great way to meet fellow hosta enthusiasts and visit other gardens. It will also help you keep up to date on what's new in the hosta world.
     The American Hosta Society is a huge group of hostaholics. With this membership, you receive 3 Hosta Journals per year (one of which is an online journal) and get all the latest info on Hosta College and conventions. It's a must have! 
   The Southwestern Ontario Hosta Society (SWOHS) is a chapter of the Ontario Hosta Society and is a great option if you live in the Windsor/London/Sarnia area as all events are planned for this area to allow for less travel time to get to hosta events. Membership at either one of these societies gives you access to both OHS and SWOHS events.